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Fine Metal Works is a jewelry design, repair, and manufacturing company located in East Hampton, New York. The company was founded on the principal belief of quality craftsmanship at affordable rates.  Due to our many years of experience and an array of equipment, we welcome all sorts of metal fabricating projects.  Fine Metal Works has a state-of-the-art micro-laser welding machine and a certified skilled operator. We specialize in bronze, stainless steel, titanium, silver, and gold.  We can do it all, from things you wear to home hardware.  We offer free estimates and insured shipping.  So please don't hesitate to call or email us.

Quality Handcrafted Jewelry and repair

​​​​Fine Metal Works

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Each job is unique and no job is too large or too small. We will work with you on designing your piece or repairing your treasured heirloom.  Fine Metal Works specializes in fine jewelry repair and handcrafted jewelry. Check out our line of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise jewelry.


"I received my turquoise earrings today, and wanted to let you know how pleased I was!
Well made, perfect size and I really liked the color of the turquoise! They were perfect, and I have been looking for just a simple, classic set of turquoise stud earrings for a long time!
Thank you!"
          -- Nancy

"I ordered the 8mm jade stud earrings that was my first order from Fine Metal Works! I received your parcel yesterday morning, as I was dashing out-of-town, but didn't get home until late. Therefore, I opened the box an hour ago this morning. Wow! They are perfect in size and color...just what I had hoped they would be :) Thank you for representing your online company with such integrity. I am well-pleased and wanted you to know; and I'll share with you my reason.

I finally pierced my my ears when I was in high school 100 years ago! I only worked up the courage to pierce them because of my beautiful best-friend who wore an identical pair of jade studs DAILY. They were given to her by her Dad (who traveled to Asia all the time on business) for her Sweet 16 birthday; she never took them off. I fell in love with her "look", but I never found a pair of jade studs just like them...and...after going on to a different college than Susie, I apparently forgot about her jade until now.

I was looking for copper earrings Saturday and I ran into your "jade studs" on Etsy...and I went nuts! I have always liked the "spinach-color" of Nephrite rather than the more pastel-color of Jadeite. Now, I realize Susie must have been the reason why!!! Thank you for bringing back a special memory for me and I will forever love wearing my jade studs from now on :)"

          -- Marsha 


"Nicely packaged, well-made and cute. Just what I wanted."

          -- S. Hammer

"Wow! Ring is amazing and my wife loves it... she and I are thrilled with your work... cheers!"

          -- Dr. Caruso

"I love it! It's a unique piece (Emerald and Lapis Pendant) that's always getting me compliments."

          -- A. Rivera

"Thank u I lov them (Carnelian Suds)"

Ebay Customer
          -- L. Zamora

"Gorgeous 8mm stud Chysoprase earrings. Chrysoprase is high quality, apple green and both earrings match exactly. Very professionally made. Highly recommend seller. Will buy again. Thanks!"
Etsy Customer
          -- F. Mackey

"Love these earrings. Perfect size for the second hole and great quality! Most earrings irritate my ears and I can't even feel these!"

          -- Tori